I'm available to deliver training at a time to suit you, evening and weekend training is offered at no extra cost and each session will be written to meet your specific needs.  I'm delivering online training at the moment but as COVID restrictions ease I'm hoping to resume face to face training in the Autumn Term.  

All training I offer comes with handouts, personalised certificates and follow up email support. The training listed below is a small sample of what I can offer, please contact me if you're interested in other topics.

I'm available to speak at conferences, present workshops and can offer support if you need advice about individual or groups of children. Remember you can use Pupil Premium Funding to access training, further information is available here. 

Understanding and Supporting Children's Behaviour

We will look at the typical development of social skills and factors which can impact on this, as well as the role of the environment in promoting positive behaviour for both adults and children.  A range of practical strategies will be discussed and participants will be given documentation  to support them in their setting.

Supporting Children with Delayed Language Skills

This practical course is a great use of Pupil Premium funding, you will complete a communication audit of your setting pre and post training to show the impact.  We will examine the risk factors for delays and how to ensure early identification.  A  range of realistic assessment tools, strategies and activity ideas will be provided and we will examine the impact of our interaction styles in opening up or closing down children's communication. 

Supporting Children with Delayed Social Communication Skills/Autism 

Children with delayed social communication skills/autism often have a spiky profile which shows an uneven pattern of development. We will look at a range of tools to help you accurately assess a child's needs and practical strategies will be shared, including how to make appropriate referrals and work in partnership with parents and professionals. 

Supporting Attention and Listening Skills 

Anecdotal evidence suggests these vital skills are in decline and without them, children will find it difficult to learn effectively.  During this course we will look at the possible causes of delayed attention and listening skills and most importantly, discuss effective strategies which will benefit all children. 

Child Development, Early Identification and Support

During this course we will examine typical development in each of the prime areas and discuss behaviours which may indicate the need for further discussion, observation, assessment and referrals.  Practical suggestions will be given about how to work as a staff team while taking the child's strengths and interests into account and valuing input from the child's family.